Meet the Trainers

Chip Williams is a native of Kernersville, NC. He joined the Air Force after graduating from Glenn High School. During his time in the Air Force, he had the opportunity to work with dogs. He has a passion for training and teaching owners how to train and form better relationships with their dogs. Chip lives in Kernersville with his wife, three kids and their dog, Sadie. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, riding bikes and playing golf.


Rick Roberts is a graduate of West Virginia State University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He was a retail manager for many years before he decided to follow his real passion for dogs. Rick grew up with German Shepherds, and has always been interested in dog obedience and behavior. This interest was sparked by the fact that his great grandfather was a breeder, and his father worked with K9’s in the Air Force. Rick is an avid outdoorsman, and all his pups love hitting the woods or water with him frequently.

dan_bio_picDan began his experience with Off Leash K9 Training as a client in 2009. After trying various trainers for his German Shepherds (Maximus and Athena), he was still not happy with the results and began to attend training sessions with Nick White at the Off Leash K9 Training headquarters in Woodbridge, Virginia. After seeing the dramatic results, Dan began referring dogs to Nick and Off Leash whenever possible.

OLK9 uses marker training, but we specialize in E-Collar training to gain amazing obedience and trust with your dog. There are many misconceptions with E-Collar training (see FAQ). E-collar training is more about using a ball as a reward, than it is about using the E-Collar.