Ashley P.

“My husband and I came to Off-Leash, specifically Rion Ferguson, in need of some obedience/behavioral training for our dog, Cooper. We adopted Cooper from a shelter about 4 years ago. At the time he was good with other dogs and with people. As time went on, we noticed he had become dog-reactive and people-reactive. We consulted a dog trainer about a year ago with our concerns. The trainer came over to our home for an evaluation and Cooper ended up biting her on the arm. At the end of the evaluation we pretty much were told there is something wrong with our dog and there wasn’t much hope of being able to train him. Feeling discouraged, we decided to accept the way things were and not pursue this any further. It was at this time that a behaviorist put Cooper on Prozac for aggressive behavior. A few months ago we decided to seek help again for Cooper. That’s when we stumbled upon Rion and Off-Leash. I can’t even begin to express how much of a game-changer Rion has been for Cooper. In such a small amount of time Rion had Cooper mingling not only with other dogs but with people as well. Rion understood how much anxiety it caused me to be separated from my dog so he took the time to continuously send me videos and text/phone updates. Rion demonstrates passion and an immense understanding of dog behavioral modification training. Not only was Rion amazing during Cooper’s training but he’s been so helpful in the weeks following Coop’s return to our home. My husband and I have tons of questions and Rion is always available to help us through any issues we are having. We now have a happy, confident dog who doesn’t need Prozac any more!”


Susan Lennard

First let me explain. Buck came into my life with all the potential for being a GREAT dog: Playful, loving, intelligent, athletic, curious, and willing. Unfortunately, like so many others, I played into that beautiful face with all manner of excuses, once he began to misbehave. Rather than acknowlege my weaknesses, I attributed his increasing lack of impulse control to teething, growing pains, and finally, an increase in testosterone. Current literature suggests we not neuter giant breeds until they are at least one year of age. It was not until he stood in front of me and challenged my authority (and no wonder), that I fully understood, and internalized my mistakes. Tough as I am, I had to seek objective help so to allow Buck his full potential. After much research, in walked Rion. From their first meeting, Rion had the calming effect on my beautiful Buck that I had yet to achieve. Immediately, I knew I had made the right decision. And while researching the e-collar online, I realized that, if used properly, it could be part of the greater solution. Too, it would be far more humane than jerking and pulling on Buck’s lead in an effort to make him behave. At the risk of anthropomorphizing, Buck left for his two week “board and train” as: Stubborn Defiant Selectively deaf Impulsive Misdirected Dangerously boundless And driving me frickin-frackin crazy! He returned, after two weeks, as: Attentive Decidedly more relaxed Mildly ‘testing’. Responsive to corrections Anxious for praise, and able to associate good behavior with affection. My baby Buck had returned. I now have the tools and direction, thanks to Rion, to guide Buck to his full potential. Buck and I work every day to further his good behavior, realizing that it is an ongoing process that will eventually result in the bond we both desire. My shoes and socks are no longer at risk of being ripped off my feet. My arms are free and clear of excessive mouthing. My old cat is able to visit with Buck without being clubbed in the head by Buck’s overly active paws. Guests are no longer greeted with a joyful abandon that knocks them off their feet. But, best of all, I am able to enjoy the big boy’s company with increased periods of calm, gentle interaction, mutual respect,………and love.


Tim & Lori Gangewere

We had Vegas and Roxie (both boxers) trained at Off the Leash. We couldn’t be happier. Very professional and they truly care about their customers. Well worth the money. Thanks again guys!


Lisa & Clint Saint

My husband and I rescued a dog 3 months ago. We knew we would be out of the country for 3 weeks and were struggling at finding a place to board Jagger, our shepherd mix. He comes from a house of domestic abuse where he was also abused by the man. Any typical boarding facility would completely overwhelm him. He wasnt social with other dogs and was terrified of new people. He would bark constantly because he was scared of everything. In his mind my husband and I were “his people” and anyone else he didn’t accept.


I heard about Rion through facebook and Clint and I went out to meet him. I felt really confident and we decided to go for it even though for us it was alot of money. The fact that we were getting constant training as well made it a great decision. I was so nervous to leave him and worried that our wonderful dog might have too many issues and demons in his past.


We picked Jagger up a few days ago and he is a totally different dog. The sweet, affectionate dog that I knew was in there has now come out for everyone else to see. He listens to commands so well, lets other people come up to him, interacts with new dogs, and more. He met 2 new people last night and didn’t even growl or put his hair up. My husband is on crutches right now and Jagger will “heel” and stay right by his side off leash.


We couldn’t be happier with the training Rion provided. I am so excited and proud of Jagger and I know this is because of Rion’s amazing work.


Patti Shew

I can’t say enough great things about Rion and Off Leash K9. I was very skeptical of the e-collar and had the impression that many people have – that it was a torture tool. But our dog loves wearing his collar and every time I pick up the collar to put it on Dallas, he comes running and wiggles and barks with excitement to have the collar put on. Rion was very patient and answered all of my questions and made me feel very at ease while training Dallas. I highly recommend Rion, the e-collar and Off Leash K9!!


Clinton J.

“Extreme professionalism and top notch training. Did not only the normal obedience but custom commands I requested as well.”


Javier C.

“We are very satisfied with the results of the program. Rion, our trainer, was very good working with our dog and us. We do recommend it.”